On catching things, trains or otherwise

The cookie: Mini chocolate cupcakes (see this entry for the recipe)

The speaker: Jessie Oleson, artist, writer, baker, and creative mastermind behind the cutest, cakiest blog on the net, CakeSpy. That was a lot of adjectives.

The story:

“I used to waitress in New York and the only train I could take home was the G train. The G train is notorious; not only is it the only train that goes straight from Brooklyn to Queens without stopping in Manhattan, but it’s also slow, barely follows a schedule, and breaks down constantly. I had just gotten off work and was running late, and that’s when I see my train pulling up. Right then I decide, “I’m not missing this fucking train!

“I run across the mezzanine and fly down the steps three at a time, which is a lot for a little person like me. Just as get on the platform I see the train doors closing. Then—and this is seriously like the Indiana Jones movie moment of my life—I leap and dive through them just as they shut. I kid you not, when I look up, the four people on the train all start clapping.

“All your dignity goes out the window when you’re trying to catch something.

A few words about Jessie–

From the day I wandered into her brick-and-mortar shop on Pine St when the large, smiling cupcake in the window caught my eye, Jessie has been a generous and amiable mentor to my cause, blogging or otherwise. For all of you aspiring anythingers out there, go visit her. It’s one thing to admire a deceased author or a far-away celebrity, but having easy access to such sincere, warm inspiration just down the street is truly rare. Expect to hear other stories from Jessie’s frosting-smeared lips because she has good things to say and is up on all things sweet in the Seattle community. And she usually bakes cookies! Come on, how can you turn that down?


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